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What Is A Domain Authority Is The Popularity Authority Of A Website

For SEO people, you will know that the competition in ranking today is quite intense because SEO is an important part of online marketing. Both in building brand awareness, helping to consider the product. or assist in purchasing decisions.

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 Causing many marketers to look for a helper to measure the chances of being ranked or helping to check to increase rankings and Domain Authority itself is one of those helpers.

We believe that many SEOs must have heard about Domain Authority before, but what is Domain Authority and why is it important? In this article, the information has been collected.

Domain Authority is the popularity authority of a website. (or can be called abbreviated as DA), where the DA value will be measured as a score of 1 to 100. If this score is higher, then the higher the quality of the website.

This method was created by Moz, an online marketing software developer. to rank the popularity of the website There will be many things that are used to measure the score together. regardless of the age of the website Site Popularity website size If told like this, it may not be very clear. Let’s see exactly what each of them is like.

– The age of the website or Domain Age, this one is based on the age of the website. The longer a website has been open, the better the Domain Authority score is, considering that it has been open for a long time and is constantly being updated. It will make Search Engines like Google see that website. More quality than a newly opened website

– The size of the website or Domain Size for this story will focus on the size of the website, the bigger the better. Most of the time it’s not a matter of memory space used. It refers to the number of pages that Google’s algorithms will find on our website in a search. If you see a lot of pages in the search results, it means that the site is very large. If it is very large, the Domain Authority score will increase as well.

– Popularity of the website or Domain Popularity. This part of popularity is measured by linking. Whether it is an Inbound Link or an Outbound Link as well if there are many links like this. can increase the Domain Authority score higher

I have to tell you that this Domain Authority may sometimes be called the Domain Rating, but these two are not different at all. If you come across it, don’t be confused.

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