Is Central Harlem Safe?

In Manhattan, is central Harlem safe? The recent spike in violent crime has many residents and visitors rattled. The recent rash of high-profile crimes included the murder of Michelle Go at the Times Square subway station, two police officers shot in Central Harlem, and Christina Yun Lee was stabbed and killed in Chinatown. Regardless of what the official crime statistics say, there are several ways to stay safe in Central Harlem.

There are many reasons to live in Harlem, including the fact that the neighborhood is filled with friendly neighbors and police officers. While some areas may not be appropriate for children, others offer safe environments full of kids’ activities and playgrounds. Harlem also offers plenty of parking options compared to other neighborhoods in NYC. Parking is plentiful, and there are lots of long-term and short-term garages in the area.

Despite these statistics, Central Park is a surprisingly safe neighborhood, especially during daylight hours. In fact, Central Park has been designated as the safest police precinct in the United States. That’s a far cry from the 25-person population reported in the 2010 Census. Though parts of Harlem are relatively safe, other parts have a higher than average crime rate. 124th street is 14 blocks north of central park, and is also a notoriously dangerous neighborhood.

While Central Harlem has some of the highest crime rates of any neighborhood in New York City, the area itself is a safe place to visit for tourists. The area spans from Fifth Avenue to St. Nicholas Avenue and stretches from 110th to 155th Street. Although Central Harlem has some of the highest crime rates of any neighborhood in the city, it’s not any more dangerous than other urban areas. Still, tourists are still advised to exercise caution and take precautions when visiting the borough.

Despite the high crime rate, Central Harlem is a vibrant neighborhood, full of exciting live music and great cultural events. And with the NYC subway system, it’s easy to get to other parts of the city, including Midtown, where the crime rate is low. There are also many affordable apartments in Central Harlem, and the area is easy to reach by train. But it’s important to know whether the neighborhood you’re planning to live in is safe in Central Harlem.

The high crime rate of Central Harlem is unavoidable, especially since it is considered a major business district. However, there are many places where you can find cheap rent. It’s also possible to find some cheap apartments in this neighborhood, and it’s even possible to rent apartments in West Harlem. The average rent in West Harlem is $2,160 a month. If you’re looking for a row house on tree-lined streets or a building by the Hudson River, you should consider living in this area. However, it’s important to note that you’ll pay higher rents in Hamilton Heights and Morningside Heights, which are both more expensive than the rest of the neighborhood.

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